Spectronaut™ Viewer

Spectronaut Viewer is a Spectronaut version with very limited functionality. Its purpose is to visualize Spectronaut saved experiments with the file ending .sne. Certain journals (such as MCP) require such a software for publishing proteomics search results. Using Spectronaut Viewer one can visualize ion traces of identified peptides on MS1 and MS2 level. Further, one can visualize MS1 and MS2 spectra for identified peptides. Reports can also be generated. With Spectronaut Viewer no analysis can be performed. Everybody who applies for a Spectronaut Viewer license will be assigned a Single System License.

To apply for the Spectronaut Viewer license please contact us at support@biognosys.com. Our team will review your inquiry and get back to you within 5 working days.


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